Custody and Clearing

To eliminate potential conflicts of interest between investment management and custody roles, Dynamic Tree does not act as custodian for your assets. As a client, this provides additional protection in that there is a clear segregation of duties; more specifically, your assets will be held in custody with an independent, well capitalized financial institution of your choice.

We have developed relationships with leading financial institutions to act as custodians for your assets. With your investments held by a third party that answers only to you, you are assured complete transparency and security concerning your account activity. Furthermore, we are only authorized to provide trading instructions, and are neither authorized to withdraw funds nor to take out loans on your behalf.

For our clients, we have negotiated and arranged institutional pricing for trading and safekeeping with our custodians.

What is the Role of a Custodian?

  • Opening and maintaining accounts
  • Maintaining current, accurate records of your investment holdings
  • Executing, clearing and settling trades
  • Maintaining custody of cash and securities
  • Preparing portfolio statements and documentation that will help with tax filing